hydraulic kit


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Convert conventional Cat tractors into fully hydraulic or electric pipelayers.  The CPX Conversion package includes a counterweight rack, leaves, an A-frame upper and lower hardbar, and a boom.


Control Type

Pilot units for remote control of winch motors- progressive and sensitive operations

Service Pump
Service Pump Type

Gear pump

Pump Max Capacity

10 L/min / 2.6 gal/min

Pump Working Pressure

30 bar / 435 p.s.i.

Valve Type

Bosch load-sensing mobile control block proportional directional valves

Valve Max Capacity

286 L / min / 75.5 gal / min

Valve Working Pressure

320 bar / 4,642 p.s.i.

Main Pump
Pump Type

Bosch-Rexroth axial piston variable displacement pump

Hydraulic Tank
Tank Type

Pressurized type

Tank Max Capacity

100 L / 26.4 gal

Filter Maximum Capacity

500 L/min / 132 gal/min

Filter Type

Donaldson FI0500