The SPW-D6M/N are based on either a Caterpillar D6M or a D6N. They are also available in any other D6 model variation and we offer an exceptional level of customization. From the knuckle boom, welding units, bottles, generators, etc., we can tailor-make them based on our customers’ specific needs.
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Knuckle Boom

The SPW-D6 series can be outfitted with several brands of hydraulic booms: Hiab, Maxilift or Bonfiglioli.

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The specially made platform is self-contained -no need to connect to the PTO- and can be mounted to a different tractor with just a bracket adaptor.

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WThe main component of the platform is the generator. This allows it to be self-contained and provides power to all the components.

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Welding Boxes

By default, the SPW welder tractors are fitted with up to four Lincoln Invertec V350-Pro units.

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Power Plugs

A 110V/220V power plug box is part of the package.

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Breaker Box

Due to the several electrical components, a breaker box is also provided as part of the SPW platform.

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Air Compressor

An air compressor completes the SPW-Series self-contained platform system.

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