The SPD-450 is SUPERIOR's largest sized padding machine, with a massive 118,500 lbs (53,864 kg) operating weight, this machine has a screening area 1.5 times larger than the SPD-350 and 3 times larger than the SPD-250.
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Spill Pan Vibrator

This feature prevents the material from sticking to pan, especially when soil conditions are wet.

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Oscillating Cabin

Hydraulically slides out to either side of the machine to facilitate working on either side of the trench. This provides the operator with an unprecedented view of the ditch.

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Control Panel

The controls are duplicated on both sides of the cabin for ease of operation on either side of the trench.

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Reversible Conveyor

Conveyor can be used on either side of machine. It also can be folded into 3 parts for easy shipping w/o disassembly.

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Adjustable Dowel

Controlled hydraulically to adjust angle and distance at which the material is placed back into the trench.

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Insulated Engine

The engine compartment is insulated to reduce noise in order to comply with EU noise limit requirements.

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Cabin Glass Paneling

Open glass paneling throughout cabin provides operator with 360˚ unobstructed view.

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Adjustable Front/Rear Sections

The front and rear can be adjusted hydraulically to compensate for different terrain gradients.

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