The SPD-160 — a top-loading, remote-controlled padding machine — works in conjunction with an excavator, which feeds dirt into its shaker. The SPD-160 is ideal for job sites with soil conditions that would make conventional front-loading feeding difficult, such as when the soil is hard or sticky, or when there are sharp turns along the ditch.
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Top Loading Feeding System

The top-loading system allows to easily feed material into the padder with an excavator. This was designed for very sticky soil conditions or where maneuverability is limited.

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Remote Controller

The machine is operated with an ergonomic remote controller. Each movement is controlled by 10 levers. Tracks levers can maintain their position. The controller features an emergency button and engine RPM regulations.

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Reversible Conveyor

Conveyor can be used on either side of machine. It also can be folded into 2 parts for easy shipping w/o disassembly.

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Insulated Engine

The engine compartment is insulated to reduce noise in order to comply with EU noise limit requirements.

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