The new pipe bending machine SPB 22-36 belongs to the "Millennium Series" fleet, which is the new generation of SUPERIOR pipe benders. Despite its simplicity, this machine guarantees high performance in terms of speed and push. The hydraulic system has 5 spools; the fifth spool may be used to control the hydraulic mandrel, if fitted. The separate valves enable the operator to set the mandrel pressure independently from the machine. The hydraulic cylinders are sized in such a way that they can operate with pressures exceeding 300 bar.
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The engine is enclosed in a sound reducing box and is located on the side opposite the operator and complies with recent anti-pollution requirements in all of the industrialized nations. The engine compartment is cleverly designed to swing open to allow easier access to the engine for maintenance.

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Operator's Platform

The position of the piloting platform and the engine compartment on opposite sides make this machine unique in terms of operating comfort and guarantee maximum visibility and low noise levels to the operator.

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Hydraulic WInches

Pulling capacity ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 Kg. The free drum control is located in the control panel on the operator's platform.

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The main frame is built with high quality steel plate and box-section design, making the machine more resistant to stresses, thus permitting bending of high tensile strength pipes.

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Caterpillar-type crawler undercarriages with triple grouser bars on industrial-grade shoes. A hydraulic cylinder controls the tensioning of the tracks.

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Hydraulic System

New hydraulic system with a load-sending variable pump and a five-spool proportional valve, allowing much safer, faster and precise control of movements. The new valve allows the regulation of the pressure and the capacity of each function according to its purpose.

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Optional Cabin

An optional cabin is part of the winterization package and it's available on the larger models.

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