CPX Overview

From mechanical to hydraulic pipelayer

The CPX package is designed to easily convert your 571G/F/E/D, 572G/F/E, 583K/H or 594H/G Caterpillar mechanical sideboom into a fully hydraulic-controlled sideboom.

SP Overview

From dozer to hydraulic pipelayer

The SP package converts D7H/G, D8K/H and D9H/G Caterpillar or Komatsu D155 tractor to a hydraulic pipelayer. This includes a counterweight rack, leaves, an A-frame, upper and lower hardbar, a boom , as well as the CPX hydraulic kit.
  • Specifications

  • Main Features


A single joystick allows the operator to control both the load line and the boom simultaneously or separately.

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Anti-Tipping System

It monitors different lifting operations to avoid dangerous tilting and ensures the stability of the machine.

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Free-fall System

When the button is engaged, the load free-falls all the way to the ground.

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Boom Kick-Out System

This system will prevent the boom from excessive upward movement, thus ensuring you will never bend another boom.

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Dual Hardbar

Provides maximum support to the pipelayer by converting to a totally rigid frame.

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Anti-Two Block

The anti-two block sets a minimum distance between the top block and the hook block, preventing the 2 blocks from touching.

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